Blue Enough for Two

(c) (p) alias james 2021 (Ravenhood Music / ASCAP)

I’m blue enough for two
don’t let it get to you
no don’t catch my cold
you know I’d love to hold you
but I’d feel bad
to see you sad
better go before I do
I’m blue enough for two

it’s hard to start again
when I remember when
she said she wanted more
as she walked out the door
and I don’t know why
I bought the lie
bout a dream won’t be coming true
I’m blue enough for two

your sunshine eyes
sunny skies
the only blue on you
is in my eyes
it’s no surprise
cause all I see is blue

if I get up this hill
I’m climbing still
and I get to the view
another one more time
when maybe I am through
bein blue enough for two

I’m blue enough

(c) 2021 alias james (Ravenhood Music / ASCAP)