Catch Myself

(c) (p) alias james 2021 (Ravenhood Music / ASCAP)

dirt road and a two room shack
only thing keeps me comin back
then I catch myself

go on and be all you can be
last thing you said to me
and then I catch myself

could it be that I’m mistaken or
maybe it’s the world that’s breakin
like a heart can’t handle the memory
like a bullet through my soul
leaving an empty hole

leaves tremblin in the tree
I can feel it coming over me
and then I catch myself

out of the corner of my eye
I can see you holdin up the sky
then I catch myself

sunrise I wake up callin and
sundown and I’m still fallin
and I know that’s all that it’s gonna be
like everywhere I go
and everything I used to know

hold my fever down

hold on
come on baby hold on

it’s all good as it can be
when you’re ridin right next to me
and then I catch myself

(c) 2021 alias james (Ravenhood Music / ASCAP)