Alias James is a songwriter and recording artist with a wide range of influences – country, Americana, alternative rock. His first single, “Hell (if I don’t cry)”, a fast talking, honkey-tonk twangfest, comes out in early 2021, with the debut album to follow.

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“AJ’s out in the West County, and I guess like some others you find out there, he’s got his reasons why he might like to keep the world at a distance. I don’t know too much about him, but he did tell me that he goes back 4 generations to Bakersfield, where his great-grandfather was a horse-loving, guitar playing, song man himself. He’s mentioned other places – Arizona, Mississippi – and that he’s mostly lived out in the country, which he feels is a similar experience wherever you go. When I agreed to help him get the songs out, I said hey you got so many different things on here, how’s somebody gonna describe it? He said “it’s just some country music….it’s made out in the country!”

We hope you enjoy the songs. Have a good one.”

—Stan Lee Johnson